We are trusted Shopify Experts since 2011

We get asked "why Shopify?"... we reply "why not?" 

Over the years we have had experience with many ecommerce platforms like; Magento, WooComerce (or WordPress), Big Commerce, Volusion, SquareSpace, etc. The list really can go on. The fact of the matter is that each has it's pros and cons and at the end of the day we chose Shopify as our primary focus for two simple reasons; It works (for most requirements), and we have seen many clients succeed. Now those two reasons took time to reveal themselves especially with the latter. We found that many clients don't want to get super involved in the technical side of starting an online business and need the learning curve to be simple and intuitive. Shopify provides that and where it does fall short on some features there is a robust Shopify App Store for extending functionality for specific needs. So most of the requirements can indeed be covered and in many cases exceed initial wants/desires when comparing feature lists and comparison charts on "What shopping cart should I pick to start my new business?" Keep it simple. Instead of focusing on the platform entirely let us help you decide if there's a good fit and then start moving on with making your idea turn into a reality. The best feeling ever is seeing your new venture become a viable business or livelihood. Even though we have been trusted Shopify Experts since 2011 we have been building websites (and online businesses) for clients since 2005. Let our experience help guide you through the process of creating a Company, not just peddle a product or two as a hobby. Not that there's anything wrong with that, we just bring more to the table if that's what you're truly seeking.