Age Verifier

Age Verifier App Shopify

✔ 1-click install (no coding)

✔ [Customizable Buttons] OR Date of Birth selector

✔ Mobile Responsive for any device

Age Verifier is a Shopify app to restrict access to your website. Fully customizable pop-up for your branding and age verification requirements. Also known as an age-gate. 



Why Age Verifier?

If your Shopify store sells age restricted products such as; alcohol, wine, tobacco, ecigs, cannabis, CBD oil, or vaping products... Age Verifier is an important first step in blocking access to underaged visitors. 

Age Verifier App Shopify popup


  • Define a minimum age (18-21+)
  • Enable/Disable Date of Birth selector
  • Set Cookie Expiration Hours
  • Any URL can be set to the [Exit] button
  • Headline is your own custom text
  • Message box is your own custom text
  • Fully responsive and works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Built-in "Preview" (so you know what it looks like!)
  • No coding needed


Age Verifier App Shopify Dash




Age Verifier App ScreenShot 


Q - Is Age Verifier pop-up Mobile responsive?

A - Yes, the pop-up is fully responsive and will look/work on Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile devices.

Q - Can I add my own wording to the pop-up?

A -  Yes. It's simple to customize the header and body text.

Q - Can the Cookie duration be set?

A - Yes, you can set the cookie time in the settings.