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Shopify G AMP

Faster Load Speeds. Improved SEO. More Conversions.

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G AMP Shopify Dashboard


Fast 1-Click Installation

Get up and running with just one click. View your AMP pages right away.

Faster Load Speeds

Run fully featured and clean AMP pages that load within a fraction of a second.

Improved SEO Ranking

With the AMP lightning bolt, you'll rank higher in Google mobile's search results.

SEO Friendly URL

No third party hosting. Your AMP pages will be on your own domain which is best for SEO.

Google Analytics Tracking

Track how your AMP pages are doing with Google Analytics.

More Conversions

Faster page load speeds mean lower bounce rates and this increases conversion.

Collections & Products

Your most important content delivered to your audience faster.

Unlimited Products

No product limit. AMP your product pages to get them in front of your users faster!

Unlimited Page Views

No limit on pages views. We won't restrict the number of times AMP pages are viewed.

Add G AMP to your Shopify store

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open-source website publishing technology designed to improve the performance of mobile web content.

AMP is growing in popularity and is widely used by blogs and news publications like The New York Times, CNN, and more. Recently, Google has made an enhancement that brings lightning-fast speeds to the e-commerce world. Having AMP on your e-commerce site is vital in driving business to your store. 

AMP users Logos

Key Benefits

Google Amp Badge

Get the coveted lightning bolt you see in Google's search results. You will find it on blogs and news publications as well as major e-commerce sites like eBay, J.Crew, Overstock, and Ali Express. Start reaping the rewards of AMP pages and receive your lightning bolt badge. 

Fast Load Speeds AMP

With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) you get blazing fast page rendering and content delivery. Sites that load faster have a lower bounce rate. AMP pages loading within a fraction of a second creates a supercharged discovery experience.  With an improved user experience, you'll see better engagement, conversation, and conversions.

Higher Google Search Ranking

Faster delivery, lower bounce rates, and the AMP lightning bolt contribute to better SEO. Show up before your competitors do! 

Set your Shopify store on AMP today!

1 Click Install and you're done.


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